DJI Agra Drones for farming with Ag Tech and Machine

Benefits of Agricultural Drones for farmers in Australia

Ag Tech and Machine are proud to announce that we have recently become a stockist for DJI Agra Drones.

DJI is the world leading brand for agricultural drones. These drones have been used across the world in a variety of settings, including cotton farming, wheat farming, as well as broadacre cropping in Australia. Agricultural drones are designed with farmers in mind to solve some of the most common issues faced by farmers today. Ag Tech and Machine are in a unique position to be the first suppliers of DJI Ag drones in the local area. We can recommend which drone is best for the unique needs of your farm or business. We can then supply your drone, set it up and show you how to use it.

To read more about our agricultural drones, go to the drone home page here.

Our DJI drones are powerful enough and precise enough to perform the following functions:

·         Crop monitoring

·         Spraying and spreading

·         GPS surveying


What are the benefits of DJI Ag drones?


Complete crop maintenance tasks remotely:

Firstly, DJI Ag Drones can save farmers time and money by performing tasks remotely, such as crop monitoring, spraying and spreading. Previously these tasks needed to be completed manually by going out into the field. Obviously this can present challenges and takes up valuable time from the farmer or contractor. With the use of new technology and agricultural drones, these tasks can be completed remotely. There is no longer the need to go out into the field, saving time and money. This can also assist with growing crops in areas that with difficult terrain.

Greater precision:

DJI Ag drones can complete tasks such as spraying and spreading with greater precision than anything that can be done manually. Using GPS technology combined with inbuilt precision software, drones allow for precisely the correct amount of product to be sprayed and spread exactly where it needs to go. This reduces the overall amount of product used, reduces waste, and ensures that all areas of the crop, including those in difficult to navigate terrain, all receive the correct amount of product.

Saving fuel cost and reducing environmental impact:

Farmers know that the fuel cost of running tractors and other heavy machinery is enormous. When you switch from using a tractor to a drone, the fuel savings are enormous. This is not only great for saving costs, but it also can significantly reduce the environmental impact of running your farm. Drones are unique in that they are small, energy efficient, and can perform tasks efficiently and avoid the need to drive tractors and heavy equipment out into the field.

How can Ag Tech and Machine help?

Ag Tech and Machine are experienced farmers and technology specialists. We know what farmers want. We consult with you to help determine the exact drone that will work best for your needs on your farm. We supply you with a drone and all the accessories you need to get started. We can help with setup, training, and maintenance, and we can ensure that you are ready to use your drone right away.


Our process for working with all our customers can look like this:


This is the first and most important part of our process. We consult with you to find out as much as we can about your farm or business and what unique challenges you are facing. We make personalised recommendations that are tailor made to your farm. We can recommend which drone will suit best for the size and running of your farm, and can recommend any other accessories or products that can help keep your farm running smoothly:

Supply your drone:

We import and supply your drone and can deliver it directly ourselves in the local area, or ship your drone Australia-wide via courier.

Setup and installation:

We also set up your drone for you, with no need for you to put together anything flat packed. We can install all the software and have everything ready for you to use.


We show you how to use your new drone and any other new equipment that we supply for you. Our team are knowledgeable about both farming and technology and can show you exactly how to use your drone for your individual needs on your farm. We can train up your team and show them exactly how to use the product.

Troubleshooting and repairs:

Any time that you run into issues with your drone or any other ag technology products, Ag Tech and Machine can help you to get your products up and running once more. We offer both phone support and on-farm support to get everything up and working as it should, as quickly as possible.

Want to know more about our process? Check out our blog post here for more information about working with us, or contact us here.

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