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Installation, technical support, maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting on all precision ag technology

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If you’re using any precision ag technology and are looking for any technical support, Ag Tech and Machine are your trusted support partners and precision ag specialists.

With years of experience in farming, technology and precision ag, Ag Tech and Machine will assist you with technical support, maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting on any of your technology.

Precision Ag Tech Installation

If you have purchased hardware for precision ag and need it installed on your machinery, Ag Tech and Machine are the experts to install it for you. We can install any of the following equipment for you on your farm:

  • Bespoke hardware systems for your farm
  • GPS autosteer controllers and systems
  • Harvest Data Capture and yield monitoring hardware
  • Application control hardware
  • Other precision ag hardware


In addition to installing your hardware for you, we can also show you how to use it and provide ongoing support, on-farm or remotely. You won’t be left in the dark, and we can help with any future maintenance, repairs, or technical support.

Technical Support

If you have a piece of precision ag technology in place that is no longer meeting the needs of you and your farm, Ag Tech and Machine can help. We consult with you to determine your individual needs, and look at a variety of data from your farm. With this information, we can create a plan to improve your systems efficiency. We can help you implement your plan every step of the way, and ultimately improve the efficiency of your farm, saving you time and money.

We can provide the following Technical services:

  • Analysing your current precision ag system to look for improvements that can be made
  • Update your current system using the latest technology
  • Make repairs and changes to your current system
  • Provide training and assistance in using your technology systems
  • Demonstrate how to use your systems and how to make improvements
  • Provide over the phone or in person support
  • Give personalised, expert advice on using your existing precision ag technology systems

Precision Ag Tech Software and Data Services:

If you’ve already got your hardware, Ag Tech and Machine can help you with your software and data set up. We will input and update all the data in your system to get you started and make sure your system is running at its best. We provide the following data and software services:

  • Initial data input for your machine
  • Software updates
  • Updates and improvements on how your data is used
  • Creation and updates of new files

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Precision Ag Tech Maintenance and Repair

We know that problems can occur with your precision ag technology systems can happen at the most inconvenient times, and that you need to get your systems working again right away.

Ag Tech and Machine provide maintenance repairs and services on a variety of technology and hardware to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

We can repair and maintain the following products:

  • GPS autosteer controllers and systems
  • Harvest Data Capture and yield monitoring hardware
  • Application control hardware
  • Other precision ag hardware

At the end of the season, or before you need to start using your systems again, maintenance is key to keeping your technology running at its best. Regular servicing, updating, and ongoing repair and maintenance are necessary to ensure you have the most efficient system, and ensuring it is running at its absolute best.

Ag Tech and Machine can come out to your farm and maintain, service and repair your technology systems to keep them going when you need them the most.

Precision Ag Tech Troubleshooting 

If you’re having issues with any technology, and need an expert to assist you by coming in and troubleshooting, Ag Tech and Machine are the experts you need. Troubleshooting can be completed over the phone or on farm, and we help you find the best solution for your farm.

Ag tech and Machine can provide the following troubleshooting assistance:

  • Hardware repairs
  • Software updates
  • Planning and implementing an improved system or updated hardware
  • Spare parts
  • Training and support

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On Farm Support

Let us come to you to provide all the support you need for your tech in person.


Remote and Phone Support

We can also provide remote support over the phone to help troubleshoot with you.