Shipping and Freight

Orders, subject to availability, shall be shipped within 72 hours of confirmation and payment of order. Costs associated to shipping are subject to change dependant on factors sometimes out of our control and you will be updated if it is changed by a shipping provider and or Ag Tech and Machine.


All risk passes to you once the products ordered are delivered to or collected by the delivery service, defect and damage free, for delivery to you. Once possession has been taken by the delivery service, all and any claims you may have for any damaged or defective product rests solely and absolutely with the delivery service. If we issue a written certificate confirming that the product was delivered to or collected by the delivery service free of defects and damage, then any such certificate shall be deemed to be conclusive of that fact between you and us.

Order Changes and Cancellations

Once an order has been placed by you and it has been accepted by us, we will not allow any cancellation of the order. We will allow changes where still possible, such as delivery address, but each change that we allow may incur admin fees, which fee must be paid before the change is processed.

Force Majeure

We cannot be held liable for damage or loss for failing to perform any of our responsibilities and obligations, as defined in these Terms and in the contract created by a product order, if such failure is the result of an Act of God. Acts of God may be defined as events including but not limited to fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster, war, invasion, revolution or insurrection, terrorism, government-imposed sanction, labour dispute, and interruption of telephone, electrical, or Internet service. In the face of any such Act of God beyond the control of us, we reserve the right to a reasonable time extension to perform our services and obligations in accordance with these Terms.


If any section of these Terms is unenforceable, the other sections of these Terms are unaffected and considered to remain in force. Any failure to enforce these Terms, in whole or in part, on our part or your part, does not affect the enforceability of these Terms in the future.

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