Machine Control

Machine control solutions for the agriculture and civil industries

Ag Tech and Machine are your partners for machine control for land forming and civil projects. Let us create a custom solution for precision machine control designed specifically for your project and your machines. 

Land forming systems for the agriculture and civil industries

Ag Tech and Machine creates custom solutions for laser buckets and land forming.

With our range of hardware and software solutions, you can precisely control your land forming process to efficiently survey, design, optimise and implement earth moving operations.

If you are a large-scale farmer or a contractor servicing the agricultural industry, land forming operations are necessary to optimise farming operations, optimise drainage, and reduce water consumption and waste.

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​Survey, design, optimise and implement earth moving operations with ease

Our Machine Control systems can survey your property, and look specifically at what improvements and earthworks need to be undertaken. We offer cutting software to create a 3D model of the farm, then create a land design to improve drainage, water management, and irrigation systems.

With the 3D model created of the property, you can use our land forming machine control systems to optimise your land forming operations and see instant improvements in drainage and water usage. In addition, reduce the time spent in the field on your machinery, and better outcomes compared to older style operations.


Optimise your land for water management. Work with precision and lower driver fatigue

We are more than just a supplier. Ag Tech and Machine will consult with you to discuss your own individual challenges and goals. We create a custom solution that is specific to your needs. We source and supply the hardware, set up your software, and install all your equipment. We also train you on how to use your new system and provide ongoing support and maintenance.

Our Process:

  • Consult

  • Plan

  • Source and supply

  • Install

  • Train

  • Support

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Support for existing machine control systems

If you are having troubles or need updates on your existing machine control system, Ag Tech and Machine are here to support you with your existing system as well. Talk to us about your needs, and we can troubleshoot solutions, maintain and repair, and provide ongoing service and support for your system.

·         Troubleshooting

·         Updating

·         Data services

·         Rollers

·         Maintenance

·         Service

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We can integrate our systems to your existing machinery and supply all the hardware, software and accessories to make it happen.

Machine Control for the civil industry


For civil and construction industries, precision matters. When you require your machinery to operate with precision, Ag Tech and Machine can design and create precision technology solutions to plan, design, and implement precise machine control operations on a variety of machinery and civil construction operations.

We can custom design a machine control system for:

·         Laser Buckets

·         Excavators

·         Support

·         Consult

·         Buldozers

·         Other civil and construction machinery


With our machine control systems, you can create a plan and 3D model for use with your machinery. Ensure your plan can be implemented with precision and with improved efficiency.

Applications of machine control in the civil and construction industry include:

·         Land forming and earthworks

·         Creation of contours, dams, ditches and dams

·         Excavate with precision

·         Grade Control

·         Machine Guidance

·         Jobsite connectivity

Benefits of machine control in the civil and agricultural industries include:

·         Improved efficiency and productivity:

With a machine control system for your civil and construction industry machinery, you can expect improved efficiency, productivity, and less time needed to be spent on each job. When each task is completed with perfect precision and efficiency, you can plan for reduced time needed for each task, and reduce the amount of time needed for the overall project.

·         Reduce Operator Fatigue and Errors:

With every project and task planned for maximum efficiency and precision with machine control, operator fatigue can be reduced and errors are less likely to be made. Reduced risk of errors and mistakes by the operator result in more jobs being completed faster, fewer costs, and fewer risks

·         Reduced risk of damaging utilities:

With a machine control system, utilities, other buildings, and barriers can be mapped and avoided with ease. Dig or perform works with precision, close to utilities and other barriers without the risk of hitting or damaging utilities.

·         Improved reporting and data capture:

Easily manage data on or offsite, make updates, and report efficiently with machine control data capture. View the work that has been completed, progress, and make necessary updates as you go.

·         Greater control and predictability of costs and time

With the 3D map and plan created with your machine control system, have greater control over how much time you need for each job and each project. Easily plan how much time each job will require with accuracy.

·         Reduce costs:

With fewer risks, less time needed on the machine, and improved efficiency at completing each job, a machine control system from Ag Tech and Machine can help you take control of costs for your project.

Machine Control Solutions 

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