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Ag Tech and Machine are your leading suppliers of DJI Agra Drones. Our drones use cutting edge technology to aerially spray, spread and collect data remotely, while increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and reducing waste.

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Ag Tech and Machine are proud to be official suppliers of DJI Agra Drones. DJI are manufacturers of drones made specifically for farming applications, and Ag Tech and Machine are your local suppliers with experience and expertise in the farming technology industries. A DJI Agra Drone uses revolutionary new technology to combine the benefits of precision application technologies with robotics and drone technology. At Ag Tech and Machine, we understand the importance of receiving personalised advice and support, farmer to farmer. Just like you, we are farmers and understand the unique needs that farmers have, and can recommend a specific drone for your farm to meet your individual needs.

Improving Farmland Management With Intelligent Digital Agriculture Solutions

Agricultural drone uses:

Crop Spraying:

DJI Agricultural drones spray with a high level of accuracy and consistency, using their automated capabilities and high precision spraying systems. They seamlessly navigate challenging terrain that can be difficult to access with larger machinery and tractors. The use of precision technology increase efficiency, reduce chemical costs, waste, and reduce risks of chemical runoff.

Crop Health Monitoring:

DJI Agricultural drones can be used to collect crop data remotely, allowing for precise crop health monitoring, environmental monitoring and more.

Field Mapping/Surveying:

DJI Agra Drones can be used for precise and efficient field mapping and surveying, completing the task of mapping your field up to 100 times faster than a manual survey. Mapping data is displayed on screen for easy data use for planning, management and editing.


Granular Spreading:

DJI Agricultural drones offer versatility across various applications, from reseeding grasslands to spreading granular fertilizer and aquatic feed for fish and shrimp. With a quick installation process taking under three minutes, Agras drones ensure readiness for any task, anytime.

Benefits of DJI Drones for farmers:

Precision Application:

Spread and spray with a high level of precision. DJI Agricultural drones use GPS technology combined with precision technology within the drone to spread and spray in precise locations, allowing for spray, fertilisers and granular material to be distributed precisely where it is necessary without the labour intensive processes of manually spreading.


Easily navigate difficult terrain:

While some terrain is challenging to access and navigate with farm machinery, a drone can seamlessly navigate all different terrain types to spread, spray and collect data. These tasks can all be completely remotely without the need to physically go out into the field.


Increase time-efficiency and decrease labour costs:

The costs and time associated with manually spraying, spreading and collecting data with a tractor or other farm machinery is ever-increasing. With a DJI Agra Drone for farming applications, you can remotely spray, spread, and collect data without any of the costs associated with traditional methods. Operate a drone remotely from off-site and decrease labour costs.


Decrease waste:

Using precision agricultural technologies such as a DJI Agra Drone, you can spread and spray material precisely where it needs to go. With a drone farmers have fast access to a variety of data that allows for spray, fertiliser and granular materials to be spread with the maximum efficiency. Product can be spread to only the areas that are in need, decreasing cost and decreasing waste.


Collect accurate real-time data:

A drone that is operated remotely can efficiently collect crop health data and environmental data and is much faster and easier than a manual collection of data. A DJI Agra Drone allows you access to data to help you run your farm efficiently.

Featured Product: DJI Agras T40

A Multi-Fuctional Powerhouse

The DJI Agras T40 offers unparalleled efficiency and versatility in agricultural operations, boasting enhanced safety features, high dispense rates, and cost-saving technology through its multifunctional charging station. Its dual rotor blades, omnidirectional sensors, and intelligent capabilities ensure optimal productivity while minimizing operational costs for farmers.


Improved efficiency with dual rotor blades

- 11 m spray width

- Field operation efficiency of 21.33 hectares/hour

- Orchard operation efficiency of 4 hectares/hour

- Spreading efficiency of 1.5 tonne/hour


Superior dispense rate of 12 L/min

- Magnetic transmission design, insulated protection against chemical corrosion

- Two atomizing centrifugal sprinklers for even spraying

- Proprietary centrifugal valve to prevent leakage

- Real-time monitoring of pesticide levels, estimates when reload is needed


Increased flight safety with omnidirectional sensors

- APAR + binocular vision obstacle avoidance

- 360 ° Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing, intelligent terrain following

- Radar detection range of 50 m

- 3D terrain following ensures smooth flight over complex terrain


Versatile, perfect for surveying or spraying

- FPV ultra-HD 12MP camera

- Adjustable gimbal angles for real-time data acquisition

- Map reconstruction possible without internet connection

- Automatic detection of boundaries and obstacles


Large-screen controller for easy reconstruction

- Map reconstruction for 6.67 hectares in 10 min

- Intelligent planning to avoid over or empty load

- 7-inch bright large screen

- Octa-core processor for smoother operation



Cost saving with 12kW multifunctional charging station

- Latest electrojet technology, saving power by 15%

- Supports 1500W AC output

- 1,500 charge cycles, fast charging in 9 minutes with two batteries

- Integrated energy operation reduces cost by 36%



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