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You place an order with us by (1) agreeing to these Terms and Conditions and (2) placing an Order on the website. Completion of your order is made by pressing the Confirm button on the Order page. By pressing the Confirm button on the Order page, you confirm (1) that you agree to the Terms and Conditions; (2) that you are 18 years of age or older; and (3) that you want to purchase the items you have requested in the Order.

Any information contained on the website does not create a representation that we can or will supply you products.  However, if you complete an order form, we will make reasonable efforts to do so.

After your order is placed with us we will provide you an Order Confirmation email which will provide you with information about your order. Your order is not legally accepted by us and a contract is not created between us and you until your order is validated internally by us and confirmed by us to be free of credit card fraud or any other identity fraud.

We reserve the right to require you to provide us with any further information we request to verify your identity and age before accepting your order and we reserve the right to refuse to accept your order if we are not totally satisfied, at our absolute discretion, with our internal checks and verifications.

Payment Methods

Payment can be made by way of PayPal or credit card and we will accept Visa Card and Mastercard. All payments will be charged in Australian Dollars AUD ($). Your payment will not be processed until we have completed all our verification checks on your order. If your order is placed on a weekend (Saturday or Sunday) or any other official public holiday, then your order may not be processed until the next usual business or working day. For security purposes and as part of our commitment to combat credit card and identity fraud, you may be asked to provide further identification or other information related to your order before your order is processed.

For any problems or questions about making payment or any other customer service queries, please refer to the Contacts page of this website for the relevant contact details.

Exchange Rate Issues

The prices advertised on this website, or quoted to you, are all in Australian Dollars AUD ($). If you are paying us in a currency that is not the currency of your bank account or credit card issuer, you will likely be charged currency conversion charges by your bank when making payment to us.

Estimated Pricing

Unless otherwise stated in writing, any estimates which we provide to you of our anticipated fees, disbursements and charges for any products or services are only indicative of the amounts you can expect to be charged. Estimates are not quotes and are not binding on us, and unless stated otherwise are exclusive of GST (which will be calculated once the order is confirmed and payment is processed)

Professional Service Fees

Professional service fees are based on the expected amount of time and the skill level of staff required completing the services at the respective hourly rates. Where quotations have been provided for specific services, these quotations will provide adequate detail of costs. If circumstances of the services to be provided change from the original quotation, Final Invoiced amounts will change, respectively.

Prices are Subject to Change

Ag Tech and Machine makes every effort to list accurate prices on the website at all times. Prices are subject to change without notice.

Shipping and Freight

Orders, subject to availability, shall be shipped within 72 hours of confirmation and payment of order. Costs associated to shipping are subject to change dependant on factors sometimes out of our control and you will be updated if it is changed by a shipping provider and or Ag Tech and Machine.


All risk passes to you once the products ordered are delivered to or collected by the delivery service, defect and damage free, for delivery to you. Once possession has been taken by the delivery service, all and any claims you may have for any damaged or defective product rests solely and absolutely with the delivery service. If we issue a written certificate confirming that the product was delivered to or collected by the delivery service free of defects and damage, then any such certificate shall be deemed to be conclusive of that fact between you and us.

Order Changes and Cancellations

Once an order has been placed by you and it has been accepted by us, we will not allow any cancellation of the order. We will allow changes where still possible, such as delivery address, but each change that we allow may incur admin fees, which fee must be paid before the change is processed.

Force Majeure

We cannot be held liable for damage or loss for failing to perform any of our responsibilities and obligations, as defined in these Terms and in the contract created by a product order, if such failure is the result of an Act of God. Acts of God may be defined as events including but not limited to fire, flood, earthquake, storm, hurricane or other natural disaster, war, invasion, revolution or insurrection, terrorism, government-imposed sanction, labour dispute, and interruption of telephone, electrical, or Internet service. In the face of any such Act of God beyond the control of us, we reserve the right to a reasonable time extension to perform our services and obligations in accordance with these Terms.


If any section of these Terms is unenforceable, the other sections of these Terms are unaffected and considered to remain in force. Any failure to enforce these Terms, in whole or in part, on our part or your part, does not affect the enforceability of these Terms in the future.

No Right to Assign

You do not have the right to assign any obligations or rights according to these Terms, directly or indirectly and in whole or in part, without the prior written consent of us. The unauthorised assignment of any such obligations or rights will be considered null and void.

Copyright and Website Access

The copyright for this website rests with Ag Tech and Machine and no parts of the website may be reproduced for any commercial purpose without the prior written consent of us.

Email Contact

When you purchase any product from Ag Tech and Machine you become a customer and agree that we may use the email address you provide to us to send you information and offers from time to time from our bulk email service.  Notwithstanding, any such emails from us provide you with the means to unsubscribe from our email contact service at any time.

Changes to these Terms

We reserve the right to change these terms at any time as is required by us. It is your responsibility to make sure that you check the website for the latest version of the terms and conditions and you must ensure that you visit the website on a regular basis to keep up to date with any changed terms and conditions.

Warranties and Liability

To the full extent permitted by law, we exclude all representations, warranties or terms (whether express or implied) other than those expressly set out in these terms.  We also exclude all liability in respect of any direct or indirect loss or damage you might encounter in relation to our website, products or services (other than that liability which cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law, which will be limited to, at our discretion, replacement or resupply).


Ag Tech & Machine will ensure that all products/services are provided in accordance with agreed timeframe and to a professional standard. 

Customers are required to arrange for reasonable access by us to relevant individuals and documents and shall be responsible for both the completeness and accuracy of the information supplied to us. Ag Tech & Machine take no responsibility for losses resulting from the inaccuracy or reliability of data and information provided to them by the Customer.

Governing Law

The laws governing the contract(s) entered into between you and us are the laws of Victoria. In any dispute, we and you exclusively submit to the courts of Victoria in judicially determining any dispute.


While every effort has been made by Ag Tech and Machine to ensure that all information on this website is accurate and as up to date as possible, information can change without notice and what is represented or stated on this website may be inaccurate or out of date. While we make every endeavour to ensure that all information is accurate at all times information can change without us being notified or made aware of changes, so we are not able to warrant or guarantee that the information is correct at all times. If you intend to rely upon any information provided in or on this website you should take note of this limitation and prior to any such reliance, you should make your own enquiries to ensure that the information is accurate and up to date.

Refund and Returns Policy

Ag Tech and Machine does not provide refunds for any item purchased from this website if you have simply changed your mind. If you have purchased the wrong item and require an exchange, then contact us at and we can make arrangements to exchange the product that you purchased with the product that you require. With an exchange of product, you may be liable for any additional shipping costs, if applicable.

If a product is defective or we have supplied the incorrect product, then please contact us at and we will arrange to replace the product. If we are unable to replace the product within a reasonable time, or at all, we may offer you an alternative product or a refund of the purchase price (and delivery costs, if any).

With all products supplied by Ag Tech and Machine manufacturer warranties and existing statutory conditions apply, and are not superseded or overwritten by these Terms. You may visit the ACCC website at for additional information on your consumer rights.

Please contact us immediately if you do not understand, or wish to discuss, any aspect of the Ag Tech and Machine terms

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