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If you’re looking to set up a GPS autosteer system for the first time, or looking for repairs, maintenance or software services for your existing system, the team at Ag Tech and Machine will help you at every step.


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GPS autosteer technology will revolutionise the way you run your farm. GPS autosteer technology is the cornerstone of precision ag technology. With wide-ranging benefits from reducing input costs to improving overall performance of your crop, GPS autosteer can improve efficiency and reduce costs on your farm.

GPS autosteer systems can be installed on many different pieces of farm machinery, from tractors to harvesters, and uses satellite technology to steer your machinery. This results in improved efficiency, reduction of input costs, and results in you saving time and money.

We consult, source, supply, install, repair and service all your GPS autosteer systems. Our consultation process ensures that we find an individual solution to meet the needs of your individual farm. We don’t sell generic systems and leave you to your own devices, we create a bespoke solution, and provide support all the way through.

If you already have a GPS autosteer solution, we can help with you with service, repair, software services, and ongoing technical support. We can make improvements to your current system and get it working better for you.

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New GPS Autosteer Systems:

Here is how Ag Tech and Machine can help you get started with a new GPS autosteer system:

  • Consult with you and analyse data from your farm and discuss your individual needs
  • Plan and create a custom solution that meets these needs
  • Source and supply hardware for your new GPS Autosteer system from the world’s leading GPS Autosteer manufacturers
  • Install and setup of the new system on all your machinery
  • Provide training and demonstrations of new systems and hardware
  • Provide ongoing technical support, including phone support for your new GPS autosteer system

Existing GPS Autosteer systems:

If you need solutions using your current systems, Ag Tech and Machine are the specialists to help you. When you need services, repairs, updates, or installation on new machines, Ag Tech and Machine are here to help. We offer a variety of services to assist you with your existing GPS autosteer system, including:

  • Servicing
  • Software updates and services
  • Installation
  • Repairs
  • Technical support
  • Troubleshooting
  • Individualised support and solutions

Bespoke solutions:

Need something specific to your farm? Looking for a GPS autosteer solution that isn’t available from off the shelves? We can help too.

If you’re looking at installing an existing system into new machinery, or if you’re not sure if your current system is compatible with new machinery, we can create an individualised solution for you, and provide all the hardware and software needed.

We can provide a variety of solutions:

  • On-farm and remote support
  • Cables, spare parts and hardware
  • GPS Autosteer solutions for a variety of machinery makes and models
  • GPS autosteer solutions for older tractors
  • Troubleshooting


We source and supply hardware for your new or existing GPS autosteer system to help create the individualised system you need for your farm. Our hardware solutions include the following:

  • New GPS Autosteer systems

  • Cables and harnesses

  • Accessories and mounts

As well as hardware and accessories from a variety of leading manufacturers:

  • AgraGPS

  • Solsteer

  • Trimble

  • FJ Dynamics

A GPS Autosteer solution for your farm

Every farm is different, and the needs of each individual farmer will be different. When you’re looking for a new GPS autosteer system, you want to make sure that the system you choose will meet your needs and expectations. You also want to ensure that you purchase from someone who can install, set up, and provide support for your new system. You also need individualised software solutions that are set up individually for your farm. You need someone who is data oriented, solutions-focused, and knows farming.

At Ag Tech and Machine, we take a close look at your whole farm, what your needs are, and analyse a range of data from your farm. We consult on-farm or remotely. We use all of this data to create a bespoke solution, individualised to meet the needs of your farm. We source GPS autosteer hardware from a range of leading GPS autosteer and precision ag manufacturers. Once you have your hardware, we set up your system with individualised software solutions, and install the hardware onto your machinery. We provide training and ongoing support for your new system, and ensure that your system is running smoothly and efficiently. When you need service and repairs, we are your trusted partners and will keep your system running at its best.


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What we do differently

Ag Tech and Machine have years of experience in Agriculture and in the Ag Tech industry. Not only can Ag Tech and Machine supply your new GPS autosteer solution, they can also create the perfect solution for you and your farm.

The precision ag specialists at Ag Tech and Machine are data-driven, solutions-oriented, and experts in farming, data and technology. When you work with Ag Tech and Machine, you don’t just get a piece of GPS autosteer hardware to use, you get an entire individualised solution. You also have access to our ag tech experts to install, set up, repair and service your GPS autosteer system.

Ag Tech and Machine are your Ag Tech specialists who work with you to create the best solution to improve efficiency on your farm.

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Why choose a GPS Autosteer solution?

GPS autosteer technology will revolutionise the way you farm.

GPS autosteer systems can be installed on a variety of farm machinery to provide endless benefits to you and your farm. Improve efficiency, save money, and reduce inputs with a GPS autosteer solution on your farm.

Some of the benefits you will see with a GPS autosteer solution from Ag Tech and Machine include:

  • Reducing the amount of chemical, fertiliser and other inputs needed: When you are using a spray or fertiliser on your crop, a GPS autosteer system ensures you have no overlap, and that you use your fertiliser and spray as efficiently as possible.
  • Improve your yield: With a GPS autosteer system, you will ensure every inch of your crop has received adequate fertiliser and spray, with no overlap. Avoiding missed spots and run overlap means all your crop is perfectly cared for, and you will be sure to see an improved yield.
  • Save time and money: A GPS autosteer system will reduce your run overlap, reduce the chemical and fertiliser required on your crop, and reduce the time you need to spend in your tractor.
  • Reduce driver fatigue: when you’re driving across hundreds of acres of crop, driver fatigue can become a real problem. Driver fatigue can result in overlap, missing spots, and potentially the driver falling asleep. A GPS autosteer system means that driving your tractor or other equipment is less intensive, more efficient, and less likely to fatigue. When fatigue does hit, the likelihood of mistakes and overlap are reduced with the help of a GPS autosteer system.