Working with Ag Tech and Machine:

What to expect when you work with Ag Tech and Machine

Are you a farmer or contractor who needs help with purchasing any new farm technology, or do you need help with your existing ag tech machinery? Ag Tech and Machine are the leading independent provider or services and products for the ag tech industry. If you’re interested in working with us, we’ve put together an overview of what you can expect working with Ag Tech and Machine.

What we can help you with:

James and the team at Ag Tech and Machine can help you with a wide variety of Ag Tech systems, products and services. We can help you with a  brand new system, or help you with an existing system. Our specialist product and services include:

Working with us:

Ag Tech and Machine are unique in that we take the time to speak to every individual customer to determine exactly what your goals are. We consult with you and talk about the equipment you are using, what your goals are, and which products and services we can help you with. Here is what you can expect when you work with us here at Ag Tech and Machine.


Contact us:

When you contact Ag Tech and Machine for the first time, one of the team can answer your call quickly. We will ask a few questions to determine what you need right away and what we can do to help.


Book in a time:

We will book in a time to chat to you about your needs. We can either do this over the phone, in person, on farm, or at our Shepparton East location. For phone support, we offer Australia-wide service. For on-farm, we service the whole of regional Victoria and southern NSW, subject to availability.



In your consultation, we can sit down with you, or talk over the phone, and ask a series of questions to determine exactly what you need from your ag tech. This is where the real magic happens. If you come in looking for help with optimising your GPS autosteer system, we will sit down with you and look at the exact issues you are having, and we will work through a solution that will get your system running at its best. If you are looking at purchasing a new system, we will look at what you are using currently, which machinery manufacturer you are using, and what your goals are with your new ag tech system. During the consultation, we gather all the information we need to create a personalised bespoke solution for you and your farm or business.


Bespoke solutions:

Once we have consulted with you to determine exactly what you need, we put together a personalised, bespoke solution for the individual needs of you and your farm or business. This is not a one size fits all solution. We work through all the possible solutions with you, make recommendations, and create exactly what you need.


Sourcing and supplying products:

We are stockists for a number of leading Ag Tech manufacturers within Australia and around the world, including Solsteer, Agrifac, Precision Technology, Agra GPS and FJ Dynamics. Our position is truly unique, in that we can make recommendations of the best products for you and supply them from any of our suppliers. If you are need repairs, spare parts or maintenance, we can source any of the parts you need, as well as helping with installation.



Ag Tech and Machine can also install your new system or new parts for you. Installations of new ag tech systems into existing machinery can be complicated and require extra parts, accessories, or electronics to get them started. Ag Tech and Machine are in the unique position to be able to install any new systems for you and get them working great from the beginning.


If you are new to using an ag tech system, such as a GPS autosteer system, machine control system or application control system, Ag Tech and Machine can show you how to use it. We can train you and your employees on how to use your ag tech system, how to set it up, and how to keep it running smoothly.

Ongoing service and maintenance:

Like other machinery, your ag tech systems can also require servicing and maintenance. Talk to Ag Tech and Machine about the service and maintenance recommendations for the system you are using.

Repairs and troubleshooting:

Any time you have any troubles with any of your ag tech system, Ag Tech and Machine are there to help. We can help you troubleshoot any problems you are having with your system over the phone. If you need repairs, we can provide on-farm repairs and spare parts for you. We can get your system and your farm running smoothly again.

Individualised service:

Ag Tech and Machine are an independent service provider, which means we are not tied to one particular brand, supplier, or manufacturer. We can provide you with advice about what is going to be best for your individual farm and your unique goals.

James and the team at Ag Tech and Machine are ready to help you with any of your ag tech needs. Give us a call any time and talk to us about your individual ag tech needs and the goals for your farm or business, and we can get started working on a solution for you right away.


Author Bio:

James Rovers is the founder of Ag Tech and Machine, a leading independent service provider for the agricultural and civil industries. James has extensive experience working in agriculture and with precision agricultural technologies and is an expert at helping you achieve your goals on your farm or contracting business.


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