Whether you’re transitioning into new machinery or doing farm management (e.g. boundary lines set up, drainage and water management planning, infrastructure work etc.), field surveying and data collection are critical to get a base established correctly to ensure that decisions are made accurately the first time and avoid costly reworks. 

The Ag Tech and Machine team will arrive onsite and collect data to capture all field information (e.g. boundaries, trees, drainage points etc.) required for the design and planning stages, such as for  GPS Data Management  and/or  Water Management .

Our process includes the following steps:

  1. Discussion stage 
  2. Analyse what your project needs are
  3. Plan how to best capture the data when out in the field 
  4. Collect the data on site 
  5. Post-analyse the data
  6. Clean the data for a presentable format 
  7. Documentation and project delivery


Depending on your project needs, we can then use the data for: 

GPS Data Management
Water Management

Price and turnaround time quoted upon application.

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