Are you experiencing:
Yield loss?
Drainage issues?

Or perhaps you’re looking at:
Irrigation Development?
The drainage or topography issues of a farming property you’re looking to buy (pre-purchase evaluations)?


We can help! We understand how integral water is for any farmer or horticulturalist, and we want to make sure that you and your land are using it efficiently throughout the year to help minimise costs and maximise yield output. 

This is why we offer a comprehensive start-to-finish field analysis to help you make informed decisions about your water management, irrigation, rainfall and/or drainage management.

Our process includes the following steps: 

  1. Collecting and gathering data
  2. Analysing the captured data
  3. Assessing whether the existing data is sufficient or if more data is needed 
  4. Generating a report on existing field characteristics
  5. Consultation about the options and pathways 
  6. Design phase
  7. Approval phase
  8. Creation of machine control files 


Price and turnaround time quoted upon application. 


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