The Benefits of a GPS Autosteer Guidance System for your Tractor and Farm Machinery:

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If you’re a farmer or contractor looking at getting started with GPS Autosteer guidance system for a tractor, you can expect some impressive benefits right away. Your GPS autosteer guidance system can help you to reduce costs, reduce environmental impact, and improve crop yield. If you’re wondering how this can all possibly be achieved with one simple system, let the Ag Tech and Machine team tell you all about it in this blog post. If you are looking at purchasing or upgrading your GPS autosteer guidance system, Ag Tech and Machine are your trusted partners for new systems, or repairs, maintenance, or data services for your existing GPS guidance system.

Improved accuracy:

Your new GPS autosteer guidance system works on precision ag technology. The system accurately steers your machinery through each run using GPS guidance technology, within 2.5 centimetres. This means there is avoiding overlap, avoiding any missed spots, and every single inch of your paddock is accurately covered. For seeding, you can ensure the most efficient use of your paddock with optimal spacing of seeds. When spraying or fertilising, you can ensure accurate coverage of all areas of your crop without overlap or missing spots. For harvesting, you can harvest the crop without overlap. Each job is completed with precision and accuracy that is not possible with manually operated machines.


Reduced Operator Fatigue:

It is common for farmers, farm employees, and contractors to be driving around the clock and for extended periods of time, especially during busy seasons such as sowing and harvest. Of course, the drivers can quickly become fatigued in these situations. Fatigue can lead to reduced accuracy, overlap, and missed spots, as well as increasing the risks of farm accidents and injuries. With a GPS autosteer guidance system, the demands of the driver are reduced. The driver no longer has to concentrate heavily on steering and checking accuracy, resulting in less accidents, injuries, and mistakes. Using a machine with a guidance system in use also results in less strain on the body. This is all in addition to the reduced amount of time that is required in the field due to improved accuracy.


Reduced input waste:

One of the ways that a GPS autosteer guidance system can instantly begin to reduce costs is through reducing input costs. When you are accurately covering every area of your paddock without any overlap, you are reducing the amount of waste. You can easily reduce the spray, fertiliser and seed used when you have no overlap.


Save Time:

Improved accuracy also results in reduced time spent on each job. This means that each job can be completed faster, and more ground can be covered each day. For contracting businesses, this quickly adds up to contractors having the ability to complete more jobs per season. For farmers, each task can be completed quickly, allowing farmers to move on to the next tasks quicker and more efficiently.


Reduced fuel consumption:

When removing overlapping runs and reducing the amount of time needed on each job, fuel consumption is reduced. When you are driving large machinery on long or complex jobs, this can quickly result in a significantly reduced fuel bill. As well as reducing your cost, reduced fuel consumption also reduces the environmental impact of each job.


Improved Crop health and yield:

With improved accuracy, crop health and yield can quickly increase. For example, when seeding and planting, you can ensure most efficient spacing of plants or seeds and ensure every inch of the paddock is used efficiently. When spraying and fertilising, you can ensure that each individual plant and each inch of the field receives exactly the required amount of spray and fertiliser. This improves crop health, and ultimately results in an improved crop yield.


Reduced environmental impact:

With reduced time spent in your tractor or farm machinery, improved fuel efficiency of each job, and reduced waste of inputs, a GPS autosteer guidance system will result in a reduced environmental impact. Not only will carbon footprint be reduced through reduced fuel consumption, but also the environmental impact of the use of spray and fertiliser will also be reduced.


Data collection and analysis:

Another benefit not already mentioned is the data that is also collected by your GPS autosteer guidance system. You can collect exact data about time, coverage, and accuracy of each job. This data can then be analysed and used to make improvements in your farm or contracting business. Accurately track how much time is taken on each job, how many runs are required for each paddock, and how much fertiliser, spray or seed is needed for each paddock or project.


A GPS autosteer guidance system is an investment that very quickly begins to pay dividends to your farm or contracting business. From the very first time that you use your new system, you will see increased accuracy, increased efficiency, and decreased costs and fatigue.

If you are looking at purchasing a new GPS autosteer guidance system, contact Ag Tech and Machine who can consult with you to determine exactly which system is the best for the needs of your individual farm or business, and can help with installations, repairs, maintenance and data services.


Author Bio:

James Rovers is the founder of Ag Tech and Machine, a leading independent service provider for the agricultural and civil industries. James has extensive experience working in agriculture and with precision agricultural technologies and is an expert at helping you achieve your goals on your farm or contracting business.

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