Using agricultural drones to reduce carbon emissions

At Ag Tech and Machine, we get very excited about new technologies that assist farmers and contractors in improving their efficiency and sustainability. One of the most exciting technologies we have been working with lately is drones. We have been using drones for surveying for a number of years now, but we are excited to be now stocking DJI Agra Drones, which have a number of different applications and benefits for farmers and the agricultural industry. One of the greatest benefits of using drones is the environmental impact. With tasks like spraying and spreading being completed by a drone, rather than by a tractor, the amount of carbon emissions produced is greatly decreased. In today’s blog post, I’d like to talk about some of the environmental impacts of using drone technology in the agricultural sector.


A reduction of 3.43 million tonnes of carbon dioxide.

In 2021, researchers working for DJI, the brand of Drones endorsed and stocked by us here at Ag Tech and Machine, looked at the environmental impact and carbon emissions saved when spraying 66.7 million hectares of farmland, and compared this to traditional methods of spraying with machinery.

Believe it or not, the researchers found that using DJI agricultural drones to spray this amount of farm land resulted in a reduction of 3.43 million tonnes of carbon dioxide. This is a very significant amount, which DJI equates to carbon absorbed by 161 million trees in a year, or the carbon emissions produced by 1.27 million vehicles. Can you imagine the impact of using agricultural drone technology for spraying throughout all of Australia’s farmland?


How does this work?

As you can imagine, tractors use fuel, and produce carbon emissions. For example, when looking at how much carbon a modern tractor produces, I found that an average 300 horsepower tractor operating for 200 hours per year would produce 23.5 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year.


This is as opposed to a drone, which is battery operated, meaning the amount of carbon dioxide produced can be very significantly reduced. With governments and corporations moving all our electricity production towards renewable sources, we can expect that the amount of carbon dioxide produced through using a drone for agriculture will continue to drop, making them a much more sustainable choice.

In addition to battery use, drones can spray crops in a much more efficient manner than what a farmer or contractor can expect to do out in the field with a tractor.

DJI T30 drone can spray 40 acres per hour, a rate unheard of with previous technologies.

Finally, you can expect your efficiency of spray use to increase with the use of DJI drone for agriculture. To summarise, using a drone for all of your spraying needs will reduce your spray usage by 10%. This is due to a few excellent pieces of technology that are included in our DJI agra drones. With cameras and extreme accuracy, each area of your crop can receive precisely the exact amount of spray needed. Spray overlap is reduced, and no spots are missed. Spray waste is reduced, and what is sprayed on the crop is used more efficiently.


What else can drones do?

As well as spraying crops, drones can also be used for other applications within the farming sector. In addition to spraying, crops can be fertilised and have granular material spread by drones. Here at Ag Tech and Machine, we have also been using drones for agricultural surveying for many years. Drones can provide invaluable data on crop health, yield, and land data. Of course one of the other main benefits of using drones is that we no longer need to send anyone out into the field with large machinery. This is especially important when you are working with difficult to navigate terrain, or working in challenging climactic conditions.


I want to try a DJI Agra Drone

If you are looking at trying out and purchasing your own agricultural drone, you have come to the right place. Ag Tech and Machine are Australia’s leading independent dealers of DJI Agra Drones, and we are excited to be able to chat to you to determine which drone is the best for you and your unique farming or contracting needs. We not only supply your drone, but we can also assemble it, set up software, and show you how to use your drone. We also provide ongoing on farm or over the phone support for all agricultural technology.


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Author Bio:

James Rovers is the founder of Ag Tech and Machine, the leading independent supplier of technology products and services to the agricultural and civil industries in Australia. James has years of experience in both farming and technology and has a unique ability to combine knowledge and skills in these two industries. James enjoys working with farmers throughout Australia, but especially in his home region of the Goulburn Valley in Victoria.


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