Application Control

Cutting Edge Precision Ag Technology to increase yield and decrease costs

Reduce fertiliser use by 16%
Reduce Herbicide use by up to 60%
Reduce seed use by 10%

Collect data, monitor crop health, and use exactly the right amount of seed, spray, fertiliser, and water with our application control systems.

Application control uses cutting edge modern technology to give you control over your farming. Use our application control systems to improve efficiency, lower input costs, and precisely monitor everything that goes onto your crop.

Application Control Uses

Application control systems gives the farmer revolutionary data, information, and control. Control exactly how much fertiliser, spray, and seed goes into your field, and exactly where it goes with a new application control system. Ensure the perfect spread and spacing of seeds, the correct amount of fertiliser and spray is across your entire crop, and gather every data point necessary to minimise costs and maximise your crop yield.

Monitor and control everything that goes into your paddock and onto your crop, with custom built systems that cover the following:

  • Spraying

  • Spreading

  • Seeding

  • Planting

Looking for a new application system setup?

Ag Tech and Machine are specialists in precision ag technology, and will plan, source, supply, install and service all application control systems. We can help with every step to ensure you have the ultimate control over every aspect of your farming.

We can help with:


Discuss your precise needs with us, and James can create an individualised plan for your farm that meets your needs. We will look at all your data points, discuss your goals with you, and create a customised plan to achieve your farming goals.

Source and supply hardware and accessories:

We can source and supply all the hardware and accessories required to get you started. Rather than just selling a product off a shelf, we will source the individual components and hardware that ensure you have a system that is perfect for what you need for your farm.


We will setup all the data and software for you. We will analyse your current data, and input all the information you need into your system. Whenever you need your data updated, analysed, or changed, Ag Tech and Machine can get you started.


We will install your system onto your machinery for you and show you how to use it. We will ensure that you will be ready to get out in the field and farming right away.

Ongoing service and maintenance:

Ag Tech and Machine continues to provide servicing on all the hardware we sell. As soon as any maintenance, repairs or updates are needed, we’re there to help.

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Already have a piece of application control hardware that you want help with?

Ag Tech and Machine are there to help with any issues you have with your application control system and all precision ag technology systems. If you need repairs, maintenance, troubleshooting, or servicing, Ag Tech and Machine will be there to get your system up and running once again.

We can help with the following:


Ag Tech and Machine can update data on your system for you. If you need to change, analyse, or add data, we can help. When the needs of your farm change, we can update your data or create a custom new solution for you. When you need in depth analysis of the data from your system, we provide the service and create recommendations and updates to get your system running precisely.

Repairs and maintenance:

Need help with repairs to your hardware? We are experts in repairs and maintenance on all hardware and software. From broken screens to electrical faults, Ag Tech and Machine can repair and maintain your system to get it running smoothly again.

Hardware and accessories:

We source and supply hardware and accessories for a variety of application control and precision ag systems.

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Benefits of application control in farming:

With an application control system, you have full control over everything that goes into your paddock. You can ensure that every inch of your crop is well looked after, and gather the data needed to ensure your farm operates at maximum efficiency.

  • Avoid waste: With an application control system, you only need to put out the amount of fertiliser and spray that is needed. Avoid adding extra costs by ensuring only the precise amount of necessary fertiliser and spray are used on your crop.
  • Improve yield: When you ensure that every inch of your crop is perfectly cared for with exactly the right amount of fertiliser and spray is used, you can improve the health of your crop and improve yield
  • Use seed and plants efficiently: Spread the precise amount of seed needed with precise spacing, avoid waste, and ensure the entire field is covered.
  • Reduce time spent in the field: Gather all the data you need without having to spend extra time out in the field.

Application Control from Ag Tech and Machine

Reduce Fertiliser use by 16%

Reduce herbicide use by up to 60%

Reduce seed use by 10%

Fertiliser use:

Monitor the fertiliser needs of your crop, and spread the precise amount of fertiliser needed to maximise your efficiency and yield. Ensure even spread across your crop, and spread the perfect amount of fertiliser needed for each area. When fertiliser is in short supply and when prices are increasing, reduce the total amount of fertiliser that is needed while also ensuring your crop is getting exactly the nutrients needed without any waste.


Reduce the herbicide needed on your crop. With data monitoring you can see exactly where spray is needed and exactly how much is needed. Avoid waste and avoid using unnecessary herbicide in your paddock. For problem areas, ensure the necessary amount of spray is needed to maximise the impact while minimising cost. Spread your herbicide according to exactly where it is needed.


Reduce the amount of seed needed and ensure precise spacing and spread while sowing your crop. Reduce waste, reduce costs, and get the most crop possible for your farm.


Precisely plan where you plant, and ensure the spacing is correct and precise. Use your field to the highest efficiency.

Ag Tech and Machine's Difference

Ag Tech and Machine will work with you to create an individualised bespoke solution for your farming needs. We use the data from your farm and discuss your goals with you to recommend the best possible ag tech solutions. We create a plan to maximise efficiency and minimise costs. Once the plan has been created and approved, we source and supply all the hardware needed, and install it for you. We show you exactly how to use your system and provide ongoing service and support.

We create individualised solutions for individual farmers. No two farms are the same, and no two ag tech solutions should be the same. With Ag Tech and Machine, you know that you will be getting the best possible application control system to maximise efficiency on your farm.

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Application Control

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